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Our solidarity activities

Sustainable development also involves solidarity. Perl’Amande is committed!!!?As a manufacturer of Organic food products we try to do our best to make the world a better place. We do not accept pessimistic scenarios foretold by some people predicting that the earth of the future will be a dustbin in which humans die of hunger or, conversely, an excess of bad food and terrible hygiene. In a world in crisis in which everyone is going through difficulties, we continue to be committed to supporting programmes on both the local scale and the international scale.

Our activities in conjunction with the ?WFP?

Perl’Amande actively participates in a hunger prevention programme Afghanistan and provides its knowledge and expertise to the World Food Programme (a subsidiary of the UN).
Goals: To develop and manufacture new fortified products based on local raw materials, mainly almonds and fruits, which are enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide children with the protein and energy they need.

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Sponsorship: sporting events, associations and support for local culture

Skiing, running, hiking, Perl’Amande is involved in a number of sporting events where it distributes its products which are appreciated for their taste and nutritional performance, making them ideal for demanding endurance sports requiring intense amounts of effort.
Perl’Amande sponsors Marion Bertrand, who uses and appreciates Perl’Amande products Marion Bertrand was born on 2 November 1984 and is a French alpine skier.

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Ecology through sport: Ecological Ascent of Mont-Blanc

Skiing, running, hiking, Perl’Amande is involved in a number of sporting events where it distributes its products which are appreciated for their taste and nutritional performance. Each year more than 30,000 people attempt to climb Mont-Blanc. A victim of its own success, the roof of Europe is today littered with rubbish, particularly around the Vallot refuge (un-guarded) at a height of 4,362 metres. Arthur, Fabien, Antoine, Jonathan, Maxime, Boris and Pierre-Alexandre are students at the IDRAC in Lyon.??They decided to climb Mont-Blanc between the 16th and the 19th of 2012 to return the whiteness to the precious snow. Perl’Amande decided to sponsor this group of young and committed volunteers in their endeavours

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Educational actions

Our products are promoted at a variety of events in partnership with the schools of the region in order to educate the taste buds of our children.

We organise open days in conjunction with schools which are used to introduce students to the manufacturing processes associated with environmentally-friendly food products.

We pass on our knowledge and commitment by regularly taking on interns and apprentices and by giving staff ongoing professional training.



PERLAMANDE and REFORMHAUS in Germany and Austria

When the French almond specialist meets the German pioneer of health stores.

  • French traditional know-how
  • High selection of nuts and nutritive values preserved by exclusive cold processing
  • Premium quality for gluten free raw and organic nut butters

Sharing the same values, Perl’Amande is now manufacturing under the private label LIHN for the German and Austrian market. A full range of 6 nut butters is available at Reformhaus stores and the Reformhaus online-shop from end of September.


Discover now the raw almond butter and other nut butters by following the links http://www.reformhaus-shop.de/ and http://www.reformkontor.de/neu-im-reformhaus/rohkost-nussmuse.html.


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