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Our 100% vegetable-based “milks” are an excellent source of ingredients which bring both balance and vitality. We only use Organic almonds and hazelnuts from Sicily which have been specially selected for their natural qualities, they are preserved using cold stone milling techniques. Our drinks retain all the natural goodness of almonds and hazelnuts: they also contain unsaturated fats and essential amino acids. With no lactose, milk protein or gluten, our range of products is ideal for everyday vegetarian cooking and for people who are intolerant to dairy products and gluten. They can be consumed as they are, either cold or hot, and are great with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, in cereal at breakfast time and in sweet dishes to replace animal fat products.







PERLAMANDE and REFORMHAUS in Germany and Austria

When the French almond specialist meets the German pioneer of health stores.

  • French traditional know-how
  • High selection of nuts and nutritive values preserved by exclusive cold processing
  • Premium quality for gluten free raw and organic nut butters

Sharing the same values, Perl’Amande is now manufacturing under the private label LIHN for the German and Austrian market. A full range of 6 nut butters is available at Reformhaus stores and the Reformhaus online-shop from end of September.


Discover now the raw almond butter and other nut butters by following the links http://www.reformhaus-shop.de/ and http://www.reformkontor.de/neu-im-reformhaus/rohkost-nussmuse.html.


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