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Perl?Amande quality management

Each year our management team implements, tracks and evaluates a quality policy which has several objectives:

•    The distribution of products which conform to the regulations and best industrial practices.
•    To best meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.
•    To raise awareness of all staff in terms of the importance of product quality.
•    To control the costs associated with a lack of quality.

These goals are evaluated every three months at a management review and the action plan is updated in order to improve our “quality management”.

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Internal quality service

This quality commitment concerns us all. Each of us should feel concerned and participate in the implementation and correct operation of a well-performing system.?At Perl’Amande, all employees are involved in taking responsibility for the quality of their work, for the purchasing process, production, distribution and the after-sales service. Our quality department is made up of 2 people who monitor the implementation and maintenance of procedures designed to maintain very high standards.

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Hygiene and safety standards, certifications and labels

Since the inception of the company in 1920 the company has evolved to the point where it can manufacture and distribute organic food products. Our quality management system allows us to ensure compliance with the standards and laws currently in force relating to food hygiene and safety, it also allows us to continually improve our company by respecting the pre-requirements for product quality labels and the quality of our services.

Our quality policy starts with our management team which is in charge of setting the targets to be met. The goal is to communicate the food safety policy to all staff within the company.

All of our manufacturing lines are included in an HACCP project (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which is a method of checking the quality of our products in terms of human health. The goal is the prevention, elimination or a reduction to an acceptable level of all biological, chemical and physical hazards. The risk analysis consists in (1) identifying hazards (physical, chemical and microbiological) present in the various stages of production, (2) evaluating the severity of these risks and the frequency with which they arise (potential or significant), and (3) implementing measures to control them.

Each year our skilled multi-disciplinary HACCP team establishes an HACCP plan for every installation. In 2011, following an audit performed by AFNOR, we implemented action plans to establish conformity to the ISO 22000 standard (food safety management system) as well as the best manufacturing practices guide (GMP) relating to the food sector



Traceability or ?from the farm to the table?

Our internal quality system allows us to track products from the producer to the consumer. Traceability is the key to ensuring consumers that our products are healthy and are grown on organic farms.

We are capable of identifying every product we manufacture at any time: what it contains and the suppliers of each ingredient it contains, when the product was manufactured, by whom, where it was sold ... We control upstream traceability (from the finished product to the raw materials) and downstream (from the raw materials to the finished product) of all our products. All raw materials entering our company are identified by an internal batch number referenced to our supplier’s batch number.

?After each stage of production the batch number is included in our production self-check files up to the finished product. Each product therefore has an accurate identity card showing details of the composition of the product. Our traceability system was strengthened in 2009 with the acquisition of production management software which tracks the life of products from our suppliers to the end consumer.




PERLAMANDE and REFORMHAUS in Germany and Austria

When the French almond specialist meets the German pioneer of health stores.

  • French traditional know-how
  • High selection of nuts and nutritive values preserved by exclusive cold processing
  • Premium quality for gluten free raw and organic nut butters

Sharing the same values, Perl’Amande is now manufacturing under the private label LIHN for the German and Austrian market. A full range of 6 nut butters is available at Reformhaus stores and the Reformhaus online-shop from end of September.


Discover now the raw almond butter and other nut butters by following the links http://www.reformhaus-shop.de/ and http://www.reformkontor.de/neu-im-reformhaus/rohkost-nussmuse.html.


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