A success story born out of a simple almond "cassoir" in 1920

From 1920 to the present day, whoever is at the head of the Perl'Amande adventure, from Gustave Dejean to François Rochet, Perl'Amande is a story of passion, of the courage of men and women! The company has gradually developed to meet the needs and expectations of the day while preserving its original values ??and identity. Today, it employs 38 people who pass on the traditional expertise of Haute-Provence.

A history of knowledge

In 1920 Gustave Dejean returned from the war and opened a bakery in Oraison. A few years later he invented the first almond-shelling machine. So the “cassoir” was founded in the centre of town, a true temple to the almond.
Gustave Dejean became an almond trader and shipped the famous Provence almonds to all the “dragistes” and nougat makers in France.

The company Perl’Amande was founded in 1964. The company gradually developed products made from processed dry fruit: almond butter eand the various fruit conserves which Perl’Amande is famous for today.

1970-1980, Perl’Amande, is the first company to promote the cultivation of exclusively organic products.

1990, the Perl’Amande staff extend their range of skills to offer new high-quality organic products: butters, conserves and almond paste as well as vitality bars and squares. The company grew from 1200m2 to 2420m2. Sofalip was founded and became the holding company of Perl’Amande.



Passion, tradition, innovation: the essential ingredients.

2000, the expectations and requirements evolve: Perl’Amande as well! We have developed new organic products such as vegetable drinks and nut spreads
Today we offer a range of products which promote health, wellbeing and vitality while carrying on with traditions and traditional knowledge, this is the priority of Perl’Amande both in France and abroad.

In 2012, Perl'Amande obtained the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label (Living Heritage Enterprise) which is awarded to companies with well-known but rare expertise. We have undertaken actions in conjunction with nutrition partners such as the World Food Programme whereby the company’s expertise is made available to developing countries with severe nutritional deficits. Perl’Amande has modern manufacturing and packaging plants which apply strict food safety and hygiene regulations while perpetuating traditional knowledge from the Haute-Provence region.



PERLAMANDE and REFORMHAUS in Germany and Austria

When the French almond specialist meets the German pioneer of health stores.

  • French traditional know-how
  • High selection of nuts and nutritive values preserved by exclusive cold processing
  • Premium quality for gluten free raw and organic nut butters

Sharing the same values, Perl’Amande is now manufacturing under the private label LIHN for the German and Austrian market. A full range of 6 nut butters is available at Reformhaus stores and the Reformhaus online-shop from end of September.


Discover now the raw almond butter and other nut butters by following the links http://www.reformhaus-shop.de/ and http://www.reformkontor.de/neu-im-reformhaus/rohkost-nussmuse.html.


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