Perl'Amande thanks you :

of beaches cleaned thanks to you !

more butter, less waste

1 nut butter purchased = 160m of coastline cleaned


To celebrate 100 years of tradition, expertise, delicacies and respect for our environment, Perl'Amande has chosen to partner with an association reflecting its respect values for the environment. By partnering with Surfrider, Perl'Amande was able to set up a concrete action, which was close to its heart, aimed at the defense, safeguard, enhancement and ocean sustainable management, the coast, the waves and the people who benefit from it.

In order to inform and involve consumers of Perl'Amande products in this action for the environment, we have decided to put an in-store promotion allowing everyone to provide their support.

During our anniversary month, in October 2020, each consumer had the opportunity by purchasing a Perl'Amande nut butter jar or a vegetable drink, in the stores participating in the offer, to participate in the action of Surfrider on our coast. For each nut butter jar and / or vegetable drink sold, 160m of beach were cleaned by the Surfrider association and its volunteers.


Created in 1990 by a group of surfers wishing to defend their playground, Surfrider Europe has in its the mobilization of citizens DNA in favor of the ocean and coast protection.


For more than 25 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been protecting, safeguarding and enhancing the oceans and all the people who benefit from them. It acts on a daily basis to fight against damage to the coastal environment and its users.

By Surfrider