Fancy a vegetarian "aperitif" that is easy to prepare or to combine all your cooking recipes in an original way ? Or delicious tartines with gluten-free cereal sugar syrup ? Our range of spreads will delight your taste buds and that of your guests in all situations !



Almond Spread


Almond - Orange

Almond - Orange Spread


Sweet Treat

Purées d'amande ou de noisette au sucre de coco, pour un indice glycémique faible tout en continuant de se faire plaisir !
Almond or hazelnut butter with coconut sugar, for a low glycemic index while continuing to enjoy yourself !

Amandina Non-dairy Drinks

Our non-dairy drinks are tasted cold or hot,
as a side to tea or coffee
or hot chocolate! And that's not all :
if you were wondering what to replace
cow's milk or sour cream in your
cooking recipes, our vegetable drinks
are the natural answer!