A success story born out
of a simple almond
shelling-hulling machine in 1920.

It all began a century ago, when Gustave Dejean returned from the Great War to his native Haute-Provence, the motherland of almond trees in France. He opened a pastry shop in Oraison and developed the very first almond-breaking machine.
Very quickly, his "Provence" almonds became the most popular almonds among pastry chefs in France. With an ambition to perpetuate this unique craft while adapting to market developments, the company built its Oraison factory in 1964. It is there in this small, modern environment that the company developed its secret recipes. The combination of a rigorous selection of nuts, constant innovation and exclusive expertise passed down from generation to generation resulted in the delicious products which today represent the foundation of Perl'Amande's reputation.

Welcome to Oraison, in Alpes de Haute Provence, in the heart of almond country.

Inspired by exceptional natural surroundings, the extraordinary adventure of Perl'Amande, a specialist in processed organic nut products, is a story of passion and human values: the perpetuation of ancestral expertise driven by constant innovation, with the greatest respect for natural and human heritage.

Design quality products with respect for the planet

Because our well-being cannot be at the expense of that of Nature, Perl’Amande has long been part of a sustainable development approach. In order to minimize our impact on the environment, in 2011 we established a rigorous plan to save our energy and resources.


Faithful to the values of respect and loyalty that it has championed since 1920, Perl'Amande is actively engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative (CSR).


Perl’Amande deploys its values ​​around the concept of "Bio Plus". This means we ensure that a sustainable ethic is respected throughout our production chain: from the composition of products with strong nutritional and organoleptic interest, to the establishment of commercial relationships based on the balance and trust, through the eco-design of our packaging, our manufacturing processes and logistics management !

Quality guarantee

The result of ancestral know-how, Perl’Amande products are made from 100% organic nuts, carefully chosen for their taste and nutritional qualities. Anxious to guarantee totally transparent production conditions, we then ensure traceability and meticulous quality management, including the control of all raw materials entering the factory and the performance of regular audits.

Employee well-being and safety

In order to ensure the well-being of employees, we set up annual training courses, to promote skills and acquire new ones. Perl’Amande is still one of the few companies where employees can spend their whole careers all the way through to retirement !

Local company

Perl’Amande was honored in 2012 with the prestigious "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label, awarded by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance. Committed to Made in France and a member of SYNABIO, Perl’Amande is also involved in the local fabric and various solidarity initiatives. Because organic is a set of values ​​that are not limited to the only finished product !

Customer satisfaction

The high standards and the passion with which we carry out our profession allow us to offer our consumers quality natural products, restoring the taste of dried fruits and all of their nutritional principles.

Commercial loyalty

In order to guarantee a stable and healthy commercial relationship, we ensure that the values ​​and requirements of our partners are common to ours.