Our organic energy products with a delicious taste of nuts or marzipan are easy to take, which makes them ideal for snacks for athletes… and everyone else ! Available in many flavors, our 100% natural energy bars and bites help quickly reduce fatigue and restore energy any time of the day.

Marzipan Bar


White Marzipan Bar

Marzipan Bar

Pistachio On a Chocolate Base

Pistachio On a Chocolate Base Marzipan Bar

Marzipan Bar

Lemon - Ginger

Lemon Ginger Marzipan Bar

Marzipan Bar

Fig - Honey

Fig Honey Marzipan Bar


Box of 5 bars

White Marzipan Box

Fruit Paste

Box of 5 bars

Fruit Paste Box


Amandina Non-dairy Drinks

Our non-dairy drinks are tasted cold or hot,
as a side to tea or coffee
or hot chocolate! And that's not all :
if you were wondering what to replace
cow's milk or sour cream in your
cooking recipes, our vegetable drinks
are the natural answer!

Raw Butter

Our 100% natural raw nuts butters are made according to exclusive Perl’Amande recipes.